Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tutorial: Easy Folded Books

The weather has been pretty gloomy this week and I haven't had a chance to get good photos of my newest projects.  So instead of posting about books I've made, I am sharing an easy book tutorial I put together a while ago and never shared.  I wrote the instructions and took the photos for this book structure two summers ago while doing an internship at the Morgan Conservatory in Cleveland.  The plan was to publish a booklet with projects for kids.  That hasn't happened yet, so I thought I would share the instructions here!  (Feel free to link this tutorial on your own blog or pinterest, just make sure to credit me please.)

How to make a book from one piece of paper

First gather your materials and an eager crafter (this project is great for all ages, kids and adults!)  You will need a sheet of regular copy paper (recycled paper works great if it is blank on one side), scissors, a pencil, and materials for decorating and illustrating your finished book.

1.  Fold paper in half with the long edges together and crease.  Unfold and crease in the opposite direction.

2.  Fold in half with the short edges together and crease.  Unfold and crease in the opposite direction.

3.  Fold the short edges to the center fold line and crease.  Unfold both and crease in the opposite direction.

4.  You will now have 8 small rectangles with 10 creases separating them.  Find the two creases that do not touch the edges of the paper and trace over those lines with a pencil.

5.  Re-fold the paper in half with the short edges together.  Cut or tear along the pencil line.

6.  Hold the folded edges next to the cut line and bring them down to form an X shape with the paper.

7.  Gather the four sections together to form your book.

8.  Decorate and enjoy!

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