Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Books 122-127

 Last week I was invited to participate in a pop-up shop in South Euclid that is being organized in conjunction with the Notre Dame College Art on the Circle show at the end of the month.

The shop will be up for about 2 and a half weeks in the old Blockbuster (4517 Mayfield Road, South Euclid, OH.)

However, the deadline for turning in artwork was less than a week after they contacted me, and the Midland Art Fair cleaned me out!  That meant I had a ton of work to do during the week and over the weekend.

I worked really hard all week and finished up 6 new coptic journals specifically for the pop-up.  I also had two journals on hand from my last show.  I dropped off those eight journals to South Euclid city hall on Monday.

Now that I've got everything for the pop-up shop squared away I need to get going on items for June 22nd!  I will probably focus on coptic journals, envelope books, and minibook jewelry since those are my best sellers lately.

Here's where I need your help: would you rather have a journal with or without ribbon closures?  I can make journals either way but I am curious to know what you like better.

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