Monday, September 16, 2013

Case Bound Books 192-196

I had two late summer craft shows this year: Square Fest on August 31st, and Berea Arts Fest on September 8th.  Because the shows were so close together, I spent a lot of time in August making books and stocking up on larger journals.  One weekend I spent picking out papers and making five new case bound journals.

I have a stack of shimmery, metallic bookcloth that was leftover from a workshop several years ago.  The pre-cut pieces have been sitting around at work ever since, and were probably never going to be used for a project.  I decided to use the shimmery bookcloth for some case bound books to see how it would look.

 I picked out a black paper with purple and blue flowers, and a purple paper with blue flowers from my paper stash.  Both papers had metallic outlines around the flowers that matched the bookcloth very well.  One had gold outlines and the other one looked more like bronze.  The next shimmery paper I found was a blue paper with a silver floral pattern.

For the fourth book I used a cool red and blue double-sided paper with crabs on it.  I knew this paper would be great for a case bound book because the decorative end sheets in the beginning let you see both sides of the paper.  I paired this with a shimmery blue bookcloth to go with the nautical theme.  This one is definitely my favorite out of the five!

For the fifth book, I used one of my favorite new papers.  The paper has cartoon beer bottles with fictional brand names like "Cold One."  The pattern is so cool I wanted it to stand on its own without a fancy bookcloth.  I call this one The Hipster Book.

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