Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Minibook Earrings 172-181

A friend of mine from high school had been watching all my posts on facebook and the blog, and requested a pair of my minibook earrings.  She asked for something "green, turquoise, or brown" so I looked through my paper stash and put together a few options.  I made earrings from four different papers in that color family (and a second pair of the teal and lime green paper because I like it) and let her choose.  She picked the green and gold pair.

All the rest will either be listed on Etsy or taken over to the Urban Orchid for sale there.  This brings me up to 181 books out of 365, nearly halfway there!  Now that my summer shows are done, I took a couple weeks off from making books (also from blogging) to relax and do other things.  I signed up for a monthly yarn club from Paradise Fibers that starts soon.  I'm very excited about that!  And I'm sure you will see updates about the yarn that arrives and the projects.


Anonymous said...

Monthly yarn club? How does that work?

minimeg said...

I pay every month for a year, and they send a mystery yarn and project. I'll definitely be writing more about my yarn club experiences. Keep an eye out!