Friday, February 1, 2013

Books 010-014

I made these five books over the last couple weekends.  What was supposed to be a "quick project" turned out to take much longer than I expected...  First the glue took a long time to dry, then I needed to wait for an opportunity to use the cutting equipment, after that I decided to add some machine stitching...

The books were inspired by a project my co-worker was putting together.  I used glue to laminate together scraps of decorative paper and bookcloth.  Then I folded rough signatures of my own handmade paper.  When the covers were dry, I sewed the books together using a quick stitch similar to a pamphlet stitch done with two needles.

The next step was using the paper guillotine to cut the edges, and a corner rounder to add a professional look to the corners.  Most of the books came out well.  Some of them had some bubbles between the bookcloth and the paper.  I think this was from using the last of my PVA... it had gotten much thicker than I had realized.  I tried to machine stitch some of the covers to correct (read: cover up) the bubbles, but that didn't completely hide them.  So I called them done.  One of these days I will try again with my new, thinner batch of PVA!

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