Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Book 006

This book is one I made for my good friend Fenna of Short Girl Blogs.  She had some thick, handmade watercolor paper and she gave it to me so I could transform it into a book.  She left the details pretty wide open, only asking for a couple envelopes to put things in, and to make it sparkly.

I sewed the pages to ribbon straps, and glued the ribbons to each cover.  Then I glued an envelope down inside the front and back covers instead of end sheets.  After leaving everything under weights for a few hours I traced some of the front cover designs with pink and green glitter glue.

So there you have it!  Book 6 out of 365.  Does anybody else have requests for books I should make?  I will be making tons of books this year anyway, and I love the challenge of creating something special for a commission.

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Anonymous said...

Glitter glue!!! I know this book is going to be so awesome. I just need to get it in my hands!!!