Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wool-Eater Blanket: Complete!
After two years, my crocheted Wool-Eater blanket is finally complete!  When I looked back to see what my last in-progress post was on this project, I realized it was over a year ago... Whoops.  I originally started this blanket on Super Bowl Sunday in 2012 as a way to pass the time and use up some leftover yarn.   My original plan was to finish the blanket before Super Bowl Sunday of 2013, but that didn't happen.  We had two extremely warm summers and I had to put the project on hold longer than I expected.  But I did manage to finish the blanket on Super Bowl Sunday of this year.
The finished blanket measures 52 x 66 inches, or 4'4 x 5'6.  It is incredibly warm and basically covers my entire couch!  I've been snuggling up under the blanket for a while, but now I can use the blanket without the threat of accidental unraveling.  Next on my project list is a second Wool-Eater pillow, similar to the one I made in 2012.  (Woah, has it been that long already?)  The idea is to use up the last remaining scraps from the second half of the blanket.
This blanket isn't just for humans, it is also the cat's favorite!  Frankie (my roommate's cat) will curl up and nap on the Wool-Eater blanket or pillow any chance he gets.  Sometimes he will cry to be let into the living room, just so he can nap on the blanket... Yeah, he's spoiled.  But who doesn't like a good wool blanket?

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