Thursday, January 2, 2014

Minibooks 329-345
This week I wrapped up my 365 book challenge.  I spent the last few days of 2013 frantically finishing books!  Instead of dumping a bunch of blog posts all at once, I decided to take my time, get some good photos of the final books, and get everything posted before January 5th (the day I introduced my challenge in 2013.)
To help round out my 365 books, I made another 17 minibooks.  Five sets of necklaces and earrings, and an additional pair of earrings.  Now that my winter craft shows are done, I plan to list more items on Etsy.  I tried to pick a wide range of colors so there would be a better selection available on Etsy.  Stay tuned for the last few blog posts about my book challenge, and keep an eye on Etsy for new listings!

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