Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pamphlet Books 203-215

More Ohio pamphlet books!  The week before my last show, I got a new stack of cardstock with lovely blue and green patterns.  I decided it was time to make more Ohio cards and pamphlet books.

I also pulled out a stack of fall themed paper I bought a few years ago.  I figured I better use it now instead of putting it away for another year!


Fenna Blue said...

Are you on track for finishing 365 books by the end of the year? Got any Christmas shows that you need stock for?

minimeg said...

I'm a little behind schedule, but I am going to be making a TON of books for my Christmas shows so I think it will even out. Now that our benefit is done at work and I finished both art books for my fall exhibitions, I have time to get back to work on my 365.