Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Minibooks 82-93

I've been thinking about book necklaces for a while now, and considering what would be the best way to make them.  A conversation with a friend about making and selling jewelry, and another conversation about a mini book sparked me to get started on some minibook jewelry.  I made 4 sets of matching book necklaces and earrings over the weekend.  The books are pamphlet stitch with leftover Mohawk superfine for the pages, and scraps of decorative paper for the covers.

I had a lot of fun making them, and I plan to make many more.  After posting these photos on my Minimeg facebook page yesterday, someone bought the pink/blue set.  The black/green, black/purple, and green/tan sets are still available.  If you would like a pair of minibook earrings or a minibook necklace, leave a comment here or on my facebook page.


Anonymous said...

Do these count in your 365 books?

minimeg said...

YES. Some might call it cheating, but I'm counting each teeny tiny earring as one book. (So a necklace and earrings equals 3 books. Genius, right?)