Saturday, April 20, 2013

Book 55 (and a half)

Thursday evening I came home from work and got started on two envelope books as examples for my workshop next weekend.  I cut the paper for both books at the same time, then got started with assembly.

The first book I finished, and the second one I am saving as an example that I can assemble while teaching.  So this is what "half" a book looks like!

In the process of cutting my papers and jotting down notes to turn into an instructional handout, I got to thinking about putting together book making kits.  What do you, my lovely readers, think about that?  If I put together kits with instructions and all the pieces, would you want one?


Kathy said...

yes, I would like directions for making this book. I love it!

minimeg said...

Instructions are coming soon! Thanks for your input Kathy :)