Sunday, June 5, 2011

Handmade Books

 The last couple weeks I have been learning how to make books as part of my internship at the Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory.  One of the most basic sewn bookbinding structures is called Japanese Stab Binding.  It involves lining up the pages and covers of the soon-to-be book, making a series of holes, and sewing along the edge of the stack.

 These books are all made using scraps of leftover and recycled paper.  The covers include handmade papers, maps from an old atlas, and an old field guide for identifying trees.

The smaller books are made using lined notebook paper, pieces of scrapbook paper leftover from making cards, and empty Kleenex boxes.


Anonymous said...

Girl, I need DETAILED photos of the tools and the process. (And a package full of supplies.)


minimeg said...

Tutorials are coming soon! That is my summer project at my internship.

Chris Lott said...

Nice... I'm just learning to make these myself, but from web tutorials. I look forward to you posting yours!