Sunday, April 17, 2011

Turquoise and Red

Based on the comments from my last post about yarn, I decided to try a combination of turquoise and red.  (Thanks Fenna!)  I dyed two balls of yarn using red kool-aid, blue kool-aid, and a little bit of lemonade.  It is amazing how the same colors can turn out so different!  For the first ball of yarn I started with two packets of red.  The red is a very strong tinter, and sort of overpowered the batch.  I dyed the remaining white parts with two packets of blue.  It turned out with a primarily red yarn with a few purple bits, and some bright blue bits.

For the second ball of yarn I started with two packets of blue.  The blue ended up much lighter than the first batch but covered more of the yarn.  Then I added one packet of red in an attempt to not overpower the blue.  I ended up with a lot of white space left over.  I added a packet of lemonade, but it still turned out very light (especially in comparison to the first batch.)

In other news, my yarn is now on sale at Crafty Goodness in Lakewood, Ohio!  Stop on by and take a look at all the good stuff available from NE-Ohio artists.  Also, check them out on facebook.

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