Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Paintings

The first completed project for my painting class was an "unusual view" painting.  The idea was to paint a space that would not normally be considered art, or to take a normal location and portray it in an unusual way.  My painting is of the bushes and icicles outside my kitchen window.  My current apartment is a ground floor apartment, so the windows look out at ground level.  This creates what I consider to be an unusual view.  In this painting I focused on creating a subtle color variation in the otherwise neutral areas.  I also wanted to capture the radiant qualities of the ice.

Another recent project was a painted self portrait using subjective color.  This means instead of using realistic flesh colors I used various shades of violets.  To help create the small changes in the planes of the face, I added red-violet and blue-violet in certain areas.  The self portrait was an intriguing challenge and I can see more self portraits in my future.

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