Friday, February 18, 2011

Lace Picture Frames

Next week is the opening of the Senior Art Exhibition at my college.  Every student majoring in Art or Art Education prepares a body of work to display in a large gallery show at the end of their senior year.  For my pieces in the senior show I chose five digital photographs and a large necklace created specifically for the show.  To spice up the presentation of my photography, I spray painted the frames using lace as a stencil.  I got the idea from Lee Meredith's do stuff! blog and the photo frames she painted for her wedding.
I started with a colorful base coat to coordinate with the photo going into the frame.  For example, my photos with blue sky belong in the frames painted with a blue base coat.  After the colored base coat dried, I sprayed some thrift store lace with spray adhesive.  Then I pressed the lace onto the frames and painted them black.  After peeling off the lace, a colorful lace pattern was left on a mostly black frame.
 These are a few preview shots of my portion of the gallery show.  Myself and the rest of the seniors have been in and out of the gallery this week hanging paintings and photographs.  More photos to come next week after the opening reception!

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